About Us

About Us

About Bashundhara Foundation

Bashundhara Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. It started operation in 2005. It runs on the generous contributions of the Bashundhara Group, leading business and industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh.

Ultimate welfare of the humanity is the core objective of the foundation. Though it is committed to overall welfare of the people, letting helpless population find way-out from extreme poverty is always top on its agenda.

The foundation has, therefore, started marching ahead with a unique approach of micro-lending where borrowers feel comfort of repaying the principal amount in suitably segregated installments within mutually agreed tenure and obviously without interest and service charge of any form.

More than seven thousand families at 72 villages under 13 unions of Bancharampur Upazila in Brahmanbaria have so far become the beneficiaries of the scheme making it a means of socio-economic empowerment. The program is currently under active consideration of expansion following strong cliental demands.

Apart from this the foundation has so far implemented many programs like distribution of blankets and warm clothes among the winter-stricken people in Manikganj, food, drinking water and relief materials among the hurricane SIDR affected people in southwestern region.

The foundation distributed clinical grants for dozen of critically ailing people. Sight of a five-year-old girl was saved, heart valve of a car driver was transplanted, bone-marrow of a college girl was transplanted, neurosurgery on an adolescent boy was done, a seriously injured journalist was taken abroad for treatment, and 20 cleft lipped children were given remedial cosmetic surgery under humanitarian grants from the foundation. Supports were also made to financially troubled journalists, noted artiste, player, executive and employee of the BG.

In addition to clinical grants to individuals, the foundation operates Afroza Begum Hospital, Free-Friday Clinic in Manikganj and Bancharampur, occasional health camps at places, donates cash to different educational and religious institutions like madrasa, mosque and orphanage. A piece of land has been donated to Diabetic Hospital. Recently it joined hands with another business giant (Akiz Group) in running a modern hospital named “Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College Hospital” to be governed by the Ad-Din Foundation. Feeding to the orphans and destitute is one of the foundation’s frequently carried out programs. Hundreds of orphans staying at different orphanages in and around the city were supplied with iftar and meals during the month of Ramadan. Similar programs are also taken up occasionally.

Distribution of cash in the form of Zakaat and clothing is also taken up once a year as a routine program. Hundreds of poor people get benefit of it. More than a hundred people perform Hajj each year under the auspices of the foundation.

The foundation has significant contributions for the welfare of the sports and cultural activities. The foundation hosted Port City Cricket League at Sarjah, UAE, armed forces golf tournaments, nationwide football league and a weeklong music festival “Bishaw Gaibe Banglay”.

With the view to produce trained human resource for the domestic and foreign job market, the foundation is running a technical institute called Bashundhara Technical Institute where hundreds of students are now pursuing diplomas at a token fee.

Year of Inception: 2005
Location: Bancharampur
Activities: Interest-free loan, Free Friday clinic, cultural development, education.