Bashundhara Group makes children’s dream true

It’s a great day for six-year-old girl Fatema as she was released from Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital on Sunday after a successful heart surgery and 15-day intensive care.

Fatema, who had a cardiac surgery on Sunday, is quite well now and smiling all the time. She has started dreaming to go school again, play again and feel hugs of friends, which she missed for irritating illness. She dreamt to do something great in her life.

Like Fatema, Bashundhara Group has also taken the responsibility of the heart operation of Shakiluzzaman, a two-year old boy, and Lipi Akhter, 16.

Giving a mouthful smile, Fatema said, “I will go to school again and will play with others. The name of my school is Green Leaf International.”

Fatema faced cardiac problem on the 35-day of birth. Initially doctor said it was pneumonia, but later it was found as heart disease after diagnosis. Her parents were too much insolvent to bear the cost of her treatment.

The helpless father, Yunus Mia, resident of Mirpur-14, deals in vegetables and her mother works in a private organization.

Yunus Mia said, “We move for help in many doors in last six years. The physician said the operation can be done after a specific age. I started savings, but it was quite impossible for us to save Tk 3 lakh from our low income.”

Nazma said, “Fatema was facing too much trouble in last four months. One of my neighbors told me about Bashundhara Group.”

“Later, I applied to the business group for financial help. Bashundhara Group Chairman took the responsibility of Fatema’s treatment. We are grateful to the kind and great man.”

Bashundhara Group also took the responsibility of two other kids, who are also under treatment in same hospital. One of them is 2-year-old Shakiluzzaman. His father Mintu is a daily laborer of Narail and mother Tahufa is a housewife.

Shakil faced heart disease at the age of 28-day. Mintu went to the doors of the rich of society, but got no help.

A neighbor suggested Mintu to give help advertisement in newspaper. Then he borrowed Tk 7,000 from a relative and came to Dhaka. He got a call from Bashundhara Group a day after publishing the advertisement and offered to carry out the cost, not to hand over cash.

Tahufa said, “Bashundhara Group did everything for the treatment of Shakil. Without their help, it was possible to carry out the cost and we could not get help from such expressive hospital.”

Another poor girl Lipi Akter, 14, daughter of Khalil Mia and Sofia Khatun, hailed from Itna of Kishoreganj, was admitted to Pediatric ward.

She could not continue her studies after class-X due to heart diseases. Doctor said it was not possible to save her life without operation.

But, it was impossible for vegetables trader Khalil Mia and domestic help Sofia to manage the money for Lipi’s treatment.

Khalil Mia said, “A journalist took me to Bashundhara Group and they took the responsibility of Lipi’s treatment.”

Sofia Khatun, who was crying, said, “It was not possible to save our girl if Bashundhara Group would not help us. We prayed for the welfare of Bashundhara Group.”